Dynamic pricing solution


Setting the right price for a product is quintessential, especially at industrial levels.
Selling for too little can cost a lot of money, while selling for too high can result in losing deals.

To help companies to set the right price and increase their profit, we have developed PRiZ,
a data driven SaaS pricing (optimization) solution that is based artificial intelligence technology.

How does PRiZ work?

Demand analysis

PRiZ understands customer behavior through the analysis of your sales data.
It automatically builds customer and product segmentation to determine a price model for each segment match and calculates the right price for each offer: your customers’ willingness to pay for your products.

Offer analysis

On the other hand, PRiZ measures the willingness-to-sell by analysing available stocks, production capacity, price of raw materials, competition prices, cost variations and any other data. It adopts the right strategy
- volume or margin maximization –
for each offer.

Margin optimisation

By mixing demand and offer
data analysis
PRiZ computes the best price for each sales deal: the one that will bring the most profitable equilibrium.

You’ll never miss a sales deal again, or at least not because of bad pricing.

Our clients

Companies that want to improve their pricing and sales strategy

Client case : a manufacturer of construction materials


An industrial manufacturer of intermediate goods for building sector, selling to installers and distributors.

The company has more than 2500 product references, nearly 2000 recurring customers and generated about 27,000 quotes per year.

Pain points

  • Difficulties to efficiently differentiate prices for its various clients.
  • Highly dependent on prices of raw materials that are extremely volatile.
  • Numerous quotations do not generate any margins.


PRiZ would automatically take into account the raw material volatility.
PRiZ would scan the market demand to adjust the price, but also take into account manufacturers stocks.
PRiZ would allow Sales Managers obtain a tailored price for each sales deal.
A dedicated interface for the Sales Director offering control and monitoring of optimisation strategy.


  • Harmonized & automated price calculation process
  • Visibility & possibility to simulate prices
  • Improved Sales success rates
  • Better stock management
  • 11% margin increase
  • 5 % turnover increase

Business benefits

Results Maximization

Improved stock management

Optimized production capacity

15% increase gross margin


Automation of price calculation

Pricing harmonization

Real-time data based pricing

Improved sales efficiency

Higher Sales performance

Improved Sales monitoring

Team focus on selling, not pricing

About us

A team of experienced artificial intelligence experts

We've been working together for more than 10 years. We met years ago in Toulouse, south of France,
and have worked together on a variety of products and industry solutions.

We’ve founded Brennus Analytics to provide industry with a price optimisation solution that we've named PRiZ.

Grégoire Saint-Guily

Chief Executive Officer

Sylvain Rougemaille

Chief Design Officer

Florent Dotto

Chief Technical Officer

Our technical

3 Phds in Artificial Intelligence

2 experienced software engineers

Big Data experts

Agile methodology addicts

Our values

Continuous innovation




What consequences for you, future Customer ?
  • We reject the "half-solutions". We do not want to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic for our customers;
  • We listen to you and understand your work processes. We challenge you to understand all the ins and outs of the couple "problem-user" in order to implement a pragmatic and iterative development method integrating you into the process;
  • The products we develop provide you with an incremental value, proportional to the wealth of data you provide to us;
  • Based on the most advanced AI technologies, we offer you the means to optimize this value.
What consequences for you, future Teammate ?
  • Team of enthusiasts, experts in technology and more particularly in artificial intelligence, each of us has several strings to his bow, improving the agility of our company;
  • The synergy of the skills of each one is greater than their sum. It concerns our team, but also our technology. Proactivity and autonomy are the keys to this chemistry;
  • We put as much flexibility as possible where it does not penalize the group: organization of time and place of work, balance between private life and professional life. The speech is liberated and the whole team has the same rights of expression.



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